Friday, February 22, 2008

BIM and 2D, 3D ... 6D and why not?

BIM is permanently change the way we work. Here are additional concepts:

2D: Only 2-dimensional flat.
3D: Contains 3-dimensional (x, y, z) and can be manipulated from several points of view.
4D: The notion of time to a project (phases or sequences)
5D: The concept of the cost of a project (estimated)
6D: The management of the building (Heritage management or FM)

Each of these concepts take it in the source and BIM can make an enormous difference to a project.

Here are some software that will allow you to use the BIM in these concepts:
4D: Innovaya, Naviswork, MS Project
5D: Excel, Innovaya, Timberline
6D: FM Desktop, Archibus

This blog is a translation of Daniel Hurtubise's RevitIt French Blog

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