Saturday, February 16, 2008

Self-Paced Learning Resources

One of the most difficult aspects of my job is training. Finding options that meet the needs of every user is well, impossible. One group that I know gets ignored is that group of users that take s the initiative to learn new things outside of the training lab.

I have found a couple pretty good "FREE" self-paced training options for these users, both from AUGI. In order to participate, you must be a member of AUGI and registration is free and they don't spam.

The first program is the AUGI e-Learning Program a program that offers AUGI members a selection of video tutorials focusing on various Autodesk products.

AUGI, in conjunction with CADLearning, is making video lessons available every month to AUGI members at no charge. These video lessons teach individual product concepts and features. Every month, new lessons in each course series will be available. Completion of the full course will take 12 to 18 months at the one-section-per-month rate.

AUGI members wanting to expedite the learning process may purchase an entire course outright. AUGI has negotiated a 20 percent discount for our members who wish to purchase courses. Visit for more information and complete course outlines.

The second program offered by AUGI is the AUGI Training Program (ATP). The ATP consists of a wide range of courses intended to provide training to CAD professionals. These courses are offered free of charge to AUGI members. ATP courses are designed to give members additional training both to increase their knowledge of a given technology or discipline and to provide practical guidance that can be applied in their everyday jobs.

The ATP is one of the fastest growing programs AUGI has going. In addition to these gains, the team has plans to roll out some exciting new features, from the most basic of classes to the most advanced classes ATP has offered yet. The best part is, these classes will not only be in platform AutoCAD, but all of the vertical products as well. As part of the curriculum, these classes will include beginner, intermediate, and advanced sessions, which will repeat throughout the year. In addition to this new format, ATP will soon be offering video segments as part of our new learning track.

There are other site out there that offer self-paced training programs but AUGI offers the only free service.

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