Monday, September 8, 2008

Revit Global Light Utility for Max

As I am sure most of you know, a couple of the Autodesk resellers are developing custom tools for Revit and providing them to you at no charge. Yes you will have to register and yes a salesperson will probably call you, but some of these tools are useful. Imaginit is now doing this and offering their first tool, Revit Global Light Utility for Max. I have not used this tool but would be interested in getting any feedback from anyone who has. And be sure to visit Avatech for their free Revit Utilities.

About the Revit Global Light Utility for Max (from the Imaginit site)

This utility for 3ds Max, developed by IMAGINiT Technologies, globally turns ON lights coming from Revit. (These light are OFF by default from Revit.) In addition to 'All ON/All OFF', the utility allows you to separate each specific kind of light (Daylight, Photometric, etc.) or Selected Lights.

The powerful combination of Revit® Architecture and 3ds Max® Design enables designers to extend the building information modeling process, ease the aggregation of additional scene elements, enjoy advanced texturing and modeling tools for quick iterations of rendered images, animate objects, or add special effects.

3ds Max Design integrates the new Exposure™ daylight simulation and analysis system, helping architects and designers to better understand direct and indirect light intensity for both natural and artificial light. The ability to tune results based on latitude and longitude, orientation, time of day and year, even weather settings. 3ds Max Design 2009 helps quickly collect and export design data for further study against indoor environmental lighting quality requirements, such as LEED EQ Credit 8.1.

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Beau Turner said...


Thanks for the mention of the utilities. The Avatech ones have just been updated for use with 32 bit and 64 bit (OS and Revit combinations).

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