Monday, October 20, 2008

Competition for Revit Architecture?

Revit is a great tool and a major improvement over 2D or 3D CAD Systems, but sometimes don't you just wish there was something better. Enter Lego Digital Designer. We can argue all day long whether it is BIM or not, but in the end, who care. It has some features that may make an interesting addition to your toolset.

Lego Digital Designer is aimed at users who just want to play around a little before actual construction. All kiddy aside, I was pretty amoazed with this graphics-intensive program that works. You can zoom in and out, rotate your point-of-view 360 degrees, connect bricks to each other, rotate them, and move any hinges that they might have to explore just how your various pieces fit together. It also feature a build in cost modeling tool, blast simulation and the inability to create situations where building compoents will clash.

(above) Accurate Cost Detailed Cost Estimates

(above) Blast Simulation

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