Friday, November 14, 2008

AU 2008 Class Highlights

For those attending AU 2008, I thought I would post some classes that I think are interesting. Horrible Hacks is going to be a very interesting classes with Steve Mintz, Sean Burke and Bob DeFeo. I have promised not to release any advanced information or tips from the class, but I will throw this out (sorry Steve). If you are working on projects that routinely require you to create multi-segmented grids, you want to attend this class. Steve is going to demonstrate a very elegant solution to a problem that Autodesk should have fixed many releases ago.

“Horrible Hacks™” 

(and Other Tips & Tricks for Revit® Power Users) 

Steve Mintz, P.E.  – Revit Structure Technical Consultant 

Sean Burke, Assoc. AIA  – Revit Architecture Technical Consultant 

Bob DeFeo  – Revit MEP Technical Consultant 


SE404-1P Have you ever seen a stunt demonstration with the tagline:  "Warning! Do not 

attempt at home!”? This class presents the latest tips, tricks, and hacks developed by the Revit 

Experts of the Autodesk Consulting Team. Years on the front lines of the most complicated 

projects have fostered out-of-the-box thinking to create solutions in ways you would never 

imagine. Advanced problems require advanced solutions; we present to you our latest and most 

innovative solutions for Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP. 


Revit® Platform 

Looped and Offset Grids 

Dimensionless Dimensions 

Quickly Rename Levels 

Layered and Graded Site 

Phased and Packaged Submittals 

Oops, I Forgot to Uncheck “Visible by Default” for my Workset 


Revit® Architecture 

Curved and Complex Ceilings 

When is a Floor not a Floor? 

Museum Board Renderings for Revit® 2009 


Revit® Structure 

Scheduling Wide Flange Area and Weight 

Steel Take-offs in PSF using Global Parameters 

Parking Garage Floors 



Revit® MEP 

Create Conduit 

Cable Trays

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