Thursday, January 29, 2009

Revit Extensions for Revit Structure 2009

Release Date: 2009-01-26

Revit® Extensions are a series of easy-to-use applications that extend the capabilities of the Revit® Structure 2009 software in key areas, including structural analysis, modeling, concrete reinforcement, interoperability, and construction documentation. Specifically, the extensions provided in this executable file are:

Structural Analysis:
Analysis Integration Enabler, Analysis Integration Enabler for Autodesk Concrete Building Structures 2009, Static Analysis of Beams, Static Analysis of Frames, Static Analysis of Slabs, Static Analysis of Trusses

CIS/2 Export, CIS/2 Import

Automatic Reinforcement Generation, Reinforcement of Beams, Reinforcement of Columns, Reinforcement of Continuous Footings, Reinforcement Design, Reinforcement Drawings Enabler, Reinforcement of Parapets, Reinforcement of Piles, Reinforcement of Pile Caps, Reinforcement of Retaining Walls, Reinforcement of Slab Corners, Reinforcement of Slab Openings, Reinforcement of Spread Footings, Reinforcement of Walls, Reinforcement of Wall Corners

Excel-based Model Generation, Grids Generator, Bridge Modeling (NEW)

Text Generator, Elements Positioning, Freeze Drawings, Compare Models

The file installs the Revit Extensions for Revit Structure 2009. It also includes the Extensions Engine, a platform that hosts each extension within Revit Structure 2009.

Please note that the multi-language executable file contains content in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. Revit Extensions for Revit Structure 2009 are compatible with the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Revit Structure 2009 software (with the exception of Analysis Integration Enabler for Autodesk Concrete Building Structures 2009 and Reinforcement Drawings Enabler).

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Q4 Features Summary - English (pdf - 20Kb)

Multiple Languages (exe - 152252Kb)

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