Sunday, June 7, 2009

Library Viewer for Revit - Thumbnail Explorer

I thought I would pass along a very inexpensive utility that allows users to quickly locate content in your Revit library. One of my favorite tools like I like is the Thumbnail Explorer from Raiz Labs.

Thumbnail Explorer is an easy to use tool for anyone who deals with graphics, and CAD files. The software indexes your library of Revit files and allows you to quickly and visually find any file across multiple folders without browsing or using Windows search. As you type a part of the file name Thumbnail Explorer will show a list of thumbnails and will enable you to work with corresponding files without resorting to Windows Explorer. You can then drag and drop from Thumbnail Explorer into Revit.

We have a fairly extensive library and unfortunately we have some duplicate families in there. While I have two other tools to manage our library, Thumbnail Explorer can also be used to do some very rudimentary management of our your library. For example, if you search for Windows, Thumbnail Explorer will list all families with the name Window in it. You can then delete the duplicates.

A free trial of the software is available and per user copies are just $10. The program was developed by Leonid Raiz one of the founders of Revit and is available for download at:

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