Thursday, November 4, 2010

Solibri v6.1 Deficiency Detection

Solibri Introduces "Deficiency Detection" in Design Analysis, Reducing Risks in its Latest Release - Solibri Model Checker v6.1

Helsinki, Finland, and Scottsdale, USA, November 1st, 2010
Solibri, Inc., the innovative global leader of Model Checking for BIM Quality Assurance and analysis, announces the release and availability of Solibri Model Checker v6.1. Offering greatly enhanced checking rules and advanced exploitation of design information, Solibri Model Checker v6.1 introduces rulesets for “Deficiency Detection”, as well as powerful hyperlink management capabilities.

Deficiency Detection: Applying Logic to Model Checking

Solibri has been the pioneer and industry leader in checking the quality of building information models for suitability, or of consistent quality, for various usages such as Spatial Coordination, Information Takeoff, or Energy Analysis. With the introduction of Solibri Model Checker v6.1, these features have been elevated to a new level. Solibri has taken a major leap forward making it possible to detect missing components and non-existing or incorrect information.
Solibri Model Checker v6.1 is able to detect faults in models which cause the model to be incomplete – or of bad quality. Checking results may yield for example, illogically or incorrectly modeled components, or altogether missing spaces or components.
Heikki Kulusj√§rvi CEO of Solibri, Inc., states “We are very excited to introduce this set of rules. Solibri has established its leading position in the Model Checking market with excellent rulesets for Quality Assurance. Spatial Coordination or Design Version Management (Model Comparison) are just two examples of many rules which have been widely accepted for their high value and tangible benefits. Previously, rules could show mainly what is not fitting, is incorrectly located or does not belong in the models. The bigger problems typically surface when something is totally missing from the models. This is much more challenging and Solibri Model Checker is the only solution available with dedicated rules able to detect what is missing from the design. This ability greatly reduces risks in exploiting BIM information for uses such as area calculations and quantity takeoff.

Hyperlink Manager: Enriching and Expanding the QA/QC Process

Solibri, Inc. introduces an extremely powerful, flexible and highly practical implementation of hyperlinks for quality assurance. The Solibri Hyperlink Manager will enable the use of BIM as a centralized user interface to coordination activities, specifications, building code and BIM requirements, construction phase documents, etc.
Links can be added at any level within Solibri Model Checker and to almost any element, including rulesets, models, types, components, issues and slides.
“The introduction of Hyperlinks is great. More importantly though is the very elegant and logical implementation of this functionality. In many cases there could be multiple hyperlinks associated with a specific model component. In most applications the result is a very crowded viewing environment with all hyperlinks impacted by a global on/off choice. In Solibri Model Checker v6.1, we have delivered hyperlink management and flexibility. Any component in the model can have multiple associated hyperlinks, all at the users fingertips and without overpopulating the model view. The Hyperlink Manager creates powerful links between model-resident information and external related information.” Says Jonathan Widney, CEO of Solibri LLC (US HQ).

About Solibri

Solibri, Inc. is the global leader in BIM quality assurance and quality control, providing out of the box tools for BIM validation, compliance control, design process coordination, design review, analysis, and code checking. Solibri’s corporate mission is to develop and market quality assurance solutions that improve the quality of BIM files and make the entire design process more productive and the construction process more cost effective.
Solibri’s customers include major building owners, construction companies, architects and engineering firms in more than 60 countries.

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