Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Revit Subscription Tools - Part 2

For those Revit users that are also subscription customers, Autodesk has released several new tools that can be downloaded at the subscription site. The second of these tools is the Batch Print Utility for the Revit 2008 product line. The tool can be downloaded after logging into the subscription site and then go down to "Product Information & Downloads" section. There is a link for "AEC Product Modules & Add-Ons". This link will bring you to the download page.

The new Batch Print Utility for Revit 2008 subscription customers allows you to print a large number of drawings from you Revit project unattended.

For more information, David Light has done a great job documenting the Batch Print and Worksharing monitor and you can find that information on his Revit blog.

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