Saturday, February 16, 2008

Do you want your project images to be shown in the upcoming Revit Structure 2009 installer?

Is your company interested to have some of your nice Revit Structure 3D model images of your projects to be included in our Revit Structure 2009 installer-infotainment (i.e. while user is waiting during the installation, there will be a slideshow showing all those nice Revit Structure 3D model project images from different worldwide customers).

Autodesk's upcoming Revit Structure 2009 will be released soon and our product team is in the process of selecting some images to be included in the final commercial release version.

If your company is interested, please send the images (in .jpg format) to by March 3rd, 2008. When submitting those images, please give me the name of the project. If the name is confidential, please tell me at least what type of project is it (commercial, residential, hotel, school, mixed-used, stadium, etc.).

P.S. Please don't forget to obtain the approval from your client/architect/owner, etc. that you can use and show those images publicly.

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