Friday, March 7, 2008

Autodesk LABS: 3D/2D ShareNow

The free 3D/2D ShareNow add-in has been updated to work with AutoCAD-based vertical solutions. This applies to the 2008 product line that is available now and the 2009 product line that will be available soon.

The 3D/2D ShareNow add-in allows you to share your design with others with one easy click. While in AutoCAD, Inventor (or Inventor LT), or Revit, you click on a ShareNow icon and see your design in Project Freewheel. The ShareNow team created some YouTube videos that show ShareNow in action:

  1. INVENTOR: Publish to Project Freewheel from Inventor video (2:05 minutes)
  2. AUTOCAD: Publish to Project Freewheel from AutoCAD video (0:49 minutes)
  3. REVIT: Publish to Project Freewheel from Revit video (2:20 minutes)

So download ShareNow, give it a try, and let the ShareNow team know what you think: Is it easy to use or what?

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