Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wii Remote Navigation Add-in for Autodesk Design Review


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This is a little of topic, but if you would like to see some other interesting uses for the Wii controller, I would suggest looking at Johnny Chung Lees's website.

I came across this new tool that the Autodesk Labs has put together. I am not sure of my Dell M90 laptop supports Bluetooth, if it does I will report back my success or failure with this Wii Remote tool for Design Review.

Wiimote Navigation Add-in for Autodesk Design Review

At Autodesk Labs we are looking at various forms of human-computer interaction. One of them is multi-touch. Another is hand-held controllers. The Wii Remote™ (or Wiimote for short) is such a device. You can hook up a Wiimote to your Windows computer and interact with your designs using the Wiimote Navigation Add-in for Autodesk Design Review. You hold the Wiimote in your hand, move your hand, and Autodesk Design Review pans, zoom, and orbits your model. Although the Wiimote is normally associated with games, easily interacting with your designs is serious business.


The mapping of Wii buttons to Autodesk Design Review commands is very intuitive. In a mod to our experience with multi-touch using gestures, the Wiimote Navigation Add-in for Autodesk Design Review even includes one gesture - shake your Wiimote and the view of your model resets itself.

// View the Read Me (includes easy step by step instructions for setup)


Scott Sheppard said...

Thanks for helping spread the word. We are interested in feedback on the desirability of interacting with 3D designs this way. Your blog readers can email us at

Anonymous said...

I love the idea and am itching to give it a go. Seems to me, though, that an obvious alternative that would users nothing is to have a view mode that lets you walk-around your designs with the keyboard. The same keyboard arrows and AWSD letter keys as most every video game I've played since Doom should navigate the model. Better yet, my clients can run around their projects in the free viewer! Wii or no Wii.

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