Monday, July 14, 2008

MEP Analysis Extension for AutoCAD MEP/Revit MEP Now Available


To support our vision for Building Information Modeling and strengthen our portfolio of sustainable design solutions, Autodesk has packaged 25 useful utilities for energy efficiency in a "green" MEP Analysis Extension. I was thrilled to post the extension for download free of charge on the Autodesk Labs site. The MEP Analysis Extension helps engineers reduce costs as well as energy and environmental impact while improving the performance of building systems. The MEP Analysis Extension operates with AutoCAD MEP 2009 and Revit MEP 2009.

The MEP Analysis Extension calculates cooling and heating loads for commercial and residential buildings, U-Values, and psychrometric properties of air. Running these types of ventilation calculations through the MEP Analysis Extension saves time and improves accuracy, potentially saving thousands of dollars and kilowatts of electricity. The MEP Analysis Extension also contains utilities for sizing duct work, piping, and HVAC systems - helping engineers and architects identify the most appropriate building equipment early in the design cycle.

The MEP Analysis Extension is chock full of useful utilities:

Single-state psychrometric calculations
Mixed-air psychrometric calculations
Duct sizing calculations
ASHRAE duct fitting pressure loss calculations
Rule-of-thumb commercial HVAC load calculations
Simple residential/light commercial HVAC load calculations
Swimming pool heating calculations
U-value calculations

General pipe sizing
Hot/chilled water pipe sizing
Steam pipe sizing
Low pressure gas pipe sizing
High pressure gas pipe sizing
Refrigerant pipe sizing

Fan cost analysis
Fan curve analysis
Pump curve analysis

Wire sizing utility
Glass moisture condensation
Metric-English converter
gbXML parser

So if you are an AutoCAD MEP or Revit MEP user, check out this extension and let us know what you think: . When you do, please mention if you are an AutoCAD MEP or Revit MEP user. I am curious to see which group is more talkative. :-) If you like these tools, please let us know. If you do not, also please let us know. Your feedback shapes the future of our technologies. The extension will run through October 31, 2008. Happy Halloween.

Adding more and more to our arsenal of free utilities to garner your feedback is alive in the lab.

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