Friday, August 29, 2008

Revit class at JCCC

I have received some emails about Revit Architecture classes at Johnson County Community College. To my knowledge they are not having a class this semester but are planning for a Revit Architecture 2008 Essentials (I know, please don't get me started) class next semester. I am not sure if they will be teaching an Advanced Revit Architectufre or Revit Structure or Revit MEP classes. I have asked them to teach the current release, but their industry advisers don't believe that it is necessary to do so.

If you would like more information about BIM classes at Johnson County Community College, I recommend contacting Tom Hughes at thughes at jccc dot edu (Email address has been formated this way to reduce spam).

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BrianMyers said...

It's a shame a college doesn't keep up to date with the latest technology, but I can understand the reasons why. In many cases the instructors know barely more than their students (related to heavy-duty software use) or don't have the time themselves to learn new features. I'm leaving cost to the side as it can be a concern but doesn't need to be with some of the programs Autodesk offers to institutions.

Another issue is simply understanding all the industry information. I'm an expert at Revit Architecture and have a solid background in Architecture. I excel at training on the program as well as AutoCAD in this industry. On the other hand, while I have a good understanding of Revit MEP and Revit Structure I don't claim to be an expert in that industry... as I'm not. So I can teach the software (MEP and Structure)and follow conversations well but would have difficulty teaching a college course with a lot of MEP and Structure content beyond the capabilities of the software.

Point being... most colleges, resellers... really any institution will have people that specialize in many aspects, but in the end you can only be an "expert" in so many things. I'm an expert in Architecture (software and processes), computers, and to a certain extent networking... but I'm simply fluent at using some of the other industry tools as their simply isn't enough time in the day to be THE expert at everything. And unfortunately these places are limited by financial concerns that prevent multiple individuals from being brought in that are experts in other fields (or are cost prohibited in terms training and/or software).

BTW/ Thanks for writing this blog/site, I enjoy reading/keeping up with it.

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