Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ADAPT-Builder link for Revit Structure

From BIM and Beam

ADAPT-Builder - integration link for Revit Structure is now available!

Revit Structure 2009 meets ADAPT-Builder.

The 3rd generation of the integration link is now available.

The bi-directional integration offers ease-of-use by directly transferring model information from Revit Structure to ADAPT and back at the basic physical model level.

Carry out your detailed slab and foundation system design using ADAPT's powerful 3D finite element analysis engines (ADAPT-Floor Pro and MAT) that automatically create analytical models from your imported Revit Structure model. Transfer potential geometry changes as well as reinforcement objects from ADAPT-Builder back into Revit Structure.

This saves hours in redundant model manipulation, data entry and dramatically reduces coordination errors.

View ADAPT-Revit integration video…

For more information, please go visit ADAPT

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