Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Autodesk Acquisition

October 23, 2008

Dear Autodesk/Softimage Customer,

We are pleased to announce that Autodesk and Avid Technology have signed a definitive agreement for Autodesk to acquire substantially all of the assets of Softimage, a Canadian subsidiary of Avid Technology. We are excited by this opportunity to join forces, combining two strong teams into a world-class center for computer graphics software research and development.

Both Softimage and Autodesk Media & Entertainment are headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Softimage has been developing state-of-the-art 3D technology for more than 20 years. Its products are recognized as best-ofbreed in the entertainment industry. With nine million users, Autodesk is a world leader in 2D and 3D design software for the media and entertainment, manufacturing, building and construction markets.

Softimage's technology complements Autodesk's entertainment products. Many film, television and game pipelines include products from both companies. Adding Softimage products and technology to Autodesk's entertainment product line will allow us to offer you more complete and efficient workflows.

Upon completion of the acquisition, you will still be able to choose your favorite 3D modeling, animation and rendering solution – whether it is SOFTIMAGE® |XSI®, Autodesk® 3ds Max® or Autodesk Maya® software. We intend to continue driving innovation in all three products. Following close, we will also focus on improving interoperability through the Autodesk® FBX® software 3D data exchange solution to help improve your production efficiency when working with multiple Autodesk applications.

We are also excited by the proposed addition of Softimage talent and technology to Autodesk Media & Entertainment, as it will accelerate the work of our newly formed Games Technology Group, which includes technologies such as Autodesk® HumanIK® and Autodesk® Kynapse® software. The group's purpose is to deliver the next-generation of real-time, interactive 3D authoring tools for games, film and television.

Autodesk will acquire and plans to continue developing the following Softimage products:

SOFTIMAGE|XSI, including XSI Essentials, XSI Advanced, XSI Academic, XSI Mod Tool and the XSI software development kit (SDK). XSI offers a complete 3D modeling, animation, rendering and development environment.
SOFTIMAGE®|Face Robot® software, which enables the creation of life-like human facial animation quickly and easily.
SOFTIMAGE®|Cat™, an advanced character animation system that is a plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max software. It is intended that SOFTIMAGE|Cat will be integrated into the 3ds Max product line.
SOFTIMAGE®|Crosswalk, an interoperability solution, is intended to be integrated with Autodesk's interoperability technology.
The acquisition is expected to close in the next month. Until that time, Autodesk and Softimage will continue operating independently. Please continue using your existing contacts for sales, services and support. We will keep you updated on this acquisition, both directly and online at
We look forward to welcoming you to the combined family and thank you for your business.


Marc Petit
Senior Vice President,
Autodesk Media & Entertainment Marc Stevens
General Manager
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