Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bentley Tools working with Revit

A few weeks ago Phil Read, Todd Williams and myself traveled to Exton, PA to the Bentley Headquarters to get an overview of some of the technology that they are developing and how that might fit into HNTB Architecture's workflow. Now for the record, HNTB Architecture is primarily an Autodesk shop and we are transitioning from using AutoCAD/ADT to Revit. We have Architecture and Structure in house.

I should mention this as well. I don't really care for ADT/AutoCAD Architecture that Revit is available. I think ADT is a powerful tool, but it has a very steep learning curve and there are way too many options to complete a task manage some kind of setting. As I mentioned, it is a great tool and HNTB is incredible fortunate to have Todd Williams on staff to manage that beast. But ADT is a beast that has to be managed.

Admittedly I have not used MicroStation in a very long time. But when I see a demo or someone using it, I see essentially ADT with a different interface. So, just like ADT, I really don't care for MicroStation.

That being said, I was very impressed with Bentley's Generative Components. I could try to describe Generative Compoenents but I think the following from Bentley's web site sums it up rather well: "Generative Components is an associative and parametric modeling system used by architects and engineers to automate the design processes and accelerate design iterations." Really cool product and definately something to look at regardless of what you think of Bentley or MicroStation you should take a look at Generative Components.

You might also be surprised to know that Bentley has a product called "ProjectWise Navigator" which is meant to be similar to NavisWorks.

Bentley is also working to enhance their structural analysis aplication links to Revit Structure and I look forward to seeing a demo of how their FM package work with Revit as well.

It was an interesting and informative trip to Exton. And surprisingly, they just let Phil walk around.

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