Thursday, November 13, 2008

AU 2008 - HNTB Sessions

I am not sure what it is at HNTB Architecture and Autodesk University, but we seem to get asked to do classes at the last minute. One of the classes will be on "Autodesk and Virtualization: A Discussion of Best Practices and First Hand User Experiences".

If you are interested, here is some additional information.

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM December 4, 2008
Location: Casanova 604

Hi All -

FYI - this was posted in the AUGI forums as well in order to raise awareness
and generate interest at AU2008. Hope to see you there. - Phil


If you're experienced (or just really interested) in virtualized solutions
for Autodesk's suite of design tools:

AU Unplugged - The AU Unconference:
Topic: "Autodesk and Virtualization: A Discussion of Best Practices and
First Hand User Experiences"
Hosted by: Phil Read, Vice President | Director of Technology
HNTB Architecture
When:2pm-2.50pm, Thursday December, 4th
Where: Casanova 604

Recent advances in virtualization has legitimized our ability to run
Autodesk’s suite of design applications in virtual environments. And in
addition to Parallels and VM Ware, Sun has recently introduced their
VirtualBox solution!

AU2007 introduced “Running Revit in Virtualization.” But it’s not just about
Revit anymore. If you look at the AUGI forums it becomes obvious that many
of Autodesk's solutions are being run in virtualization. So I’m suggesting
that we put our heads together and figure it out for the benefit of each
other and Autodesk:

* What industries are running Autodesk’s solutions in virtualization? AEC?
Automotive? Manufacturing?
* Revit? Inventor? Max? AutoCAD?
* What are the Host OS's? Apple / Linux / Windows?
* VM Solutions? VMWare / Parallels / Sun
* Overall Pros and Cons?
* Settings / Hardware / Connectivity / Configurations
* Finally: Best Practices and real-world production experience from real end

Hope to see you all there!


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