Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Save to Central

Because of my post on Large Project Management, I received some emails about creating a Central file, what is the difference between the Save to Central options and how to determine if you are in the Central file. Rather than recreating the wheel, I thought I would point you to some good blogs on the subject.

Save to Central:
In Steve Stafford's RevitOpEd he has a brief but easy to follow explanation of what need to be done to create a Central File. The article is called Central File in "Four Easy Steps".

Save to Central options:
Nicholas lyadurai has a blog called Revitize - Another Revit Blog and one of his posts entitled "Save to Central differences

Working in the Central file:
As we have all come to expect, Steve Stafford's RevitOpEd has an excellent article on when it is ok to work in the Central file. It's called, Working in the Central File - Breaking the Rule.

Central or Local File:
The last topic that I want to cover is a very good article again by Steve Stafford on determining whether a file is either a Central file or Local file. The article is called "Stand Alone? Central File? How can I tell?"

Steve has been blogging for awhile. He does a very good job and has numerous articles on the subject of the Central file.

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