Thursday, December 4, 2008

Revit Assessment Test

Yesterday at Autodesk University I had the pleasure of getting a demo if the CADSmart Revit Assessment or Skills testing tool. The test essentially has the user complete a series of Revit tasks, be it modeling, annotating, etc. The models that the testee generates a report. The testing modules in the tool today are rather elementary, but the great thing about this software is the ability to customize the tests.

Another nice feature of the tool is that the reporting mechanism is linked to a tool from CADLearning. Based on the users score from the assessment test, a list of lessons from the CADLearning library will be presented to help direct the student to lessons they should focus on.

For anyone interested, I think the CADSmart tool has an incredible amount of potential. It will definately help us deliver better training. I like the technology and structure of the CADLearning tools, but I am not so impressed with the course material, but you do have the ability to remove CADLearning lessons and load your own.

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