Sunday, December 7, 2008

Revit Structure Web Update 3


New Web Update 3 build of Revit Structure 2009 (20081118_1045) is now available on the Web!

Dear Revit Structure users,

1) I am pleased to announce that our structural product team has just released the English version of Web Update 3 for Revit Structure 2009 (Build 20081118_1045) and it is now LIVE at:

2) Web Update 3 is also using the Service Pack technology and will be for English version only. All localized versions of Web Update 3 will use the previous Full Install method, but we will continue to improve the service pack technology for all languages in the future release of Revit Structure. Also, we are currently working to release the localized Web Update 3 over the next several weeks.

3) Before you install the English Web Update 3 Service Pack, please make sure that you read carefully the entire “Service Pack Readme (pdf)” as it will explain how to use the Service Pack as well as its current limitations.

4) Here is the list of improvements made in the current Web Update 3 build (20081118_1045):

Revit® Structure 2009 Enhancements

View break no longer causes brace elements to be offset unexpectedly when exporting to DWG.

Improves stability during export to DWFx when font doesn't exist on computer.

Revit® Platform Enhancements

Slab Edges when joined to their hosting Slab/Floor will now be able to cut the floor when the user

manually remakes the join.

Improves IFC Export for Walls and MEP elements.

Improves stability when using the Split tool.

Improves stability when using Temporary Hide/Isolate functionality in 3D view.

Improves stability when binding a linked Revit file into a project.

Improves stability when switching between views.

Improves stability when selecting any of the column headers on the CAD Formats tab of the Manage Links dialog.

Thank you

Wai Chu

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