Friday, June 5, 2009

IE 8 and Revit Architecture 2009 problem

I just ran across a problem on workstations with Internet Explorer 8 and Revit Architecture 2009. After an update to WSE 3 SP3 (Web Service Enhancements) was applied during the installation of another application and impacts Internet Explorer 8, Revit Architecture would crash when you try to start a new project with a template or open an existing project. This would result in a fatal error.

Autodesk support could not narrow down which Interner Explorer 8 component was causing the problem, but uninstall IE 8 and going back to IE 7 allowed RAC 2009 to function. None of the workstations with the error have RAC 2010 installed, so I am not aware if this impacts RAC 2010.

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John said...

I am experiencing the same thing and thought it could be a bug between my 64-bit XP box and Revit Architecture 2009.

Glad to know it is an IE8 issue and not XP-64.

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