Friday, August 14, 2009

Revit MEP 2010 to Estimating and CAM

Caught this video on YouTube from Technical Sales International on their external tool for Revit MEP 2010 that allows you to export Revit MEP objects to fabrication using CAM-Duct, CAM-Duct, and CAD-Mech.

3 comments: said...

This was GREAT--cuts 2 or 3 steps out of the process from designer's drawing/model to fabrication. This is really where the rubber meets the road with BIM--once you can demonstrate real, believable savings in process (as you have done here), any rational M/E/P contractor will be happy to produce the BIM models, which can also be used to avoid clashes in the field. Thanks

Ian McGaw said...

I cant see the video, youtube i sblocked at the office, but I heard it doesnt take the families through only duct and pipe...still very very cool

Anonymous said...

Same web version

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