Monday, August 17, 2009

State of Wisconsin to require BIM

I recently completed work on a BIM Execution Plan with the assistance of some very talented people. While discussing this document with a colleague, they brought to my attention that the State of Wisconsin is now going to require that all projects with a total budget of $5 million or more and all new construction projects that exceed $2.5 million have to have their designs done in BIM (Building Information Modeling). Being familiar with the GSA and ACOE requirements, I thought I would look at what the State of Wisconsin was requiring.

In short, the State has new standards or guidelines that require A/E that meet the above financial requirements and are Design-Bid-Build utilize BIM / 3D software from start to finish. The State has already completed several pilot projects

Below I have linked in the State of Wisconsin's announcement and the standards for their BIM requirement. The State of Wisconsin has also setup a discussion forum to get feedback on the standards.
BIM Implementation Announcement

BIM Guidelines and Standards

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