Sunday, April 24, 2011

Navisworks Add-on Applications

Publisher Add-on - Automated publishing of NavisWorks project files

DatalinkTools - Interface between NavisWorks models and the design data and documentation

Reporter Add-on - Report generating functionality for Navisworks models

Surveyor can be used with or without DataTools to view Property Value attrributes associated with objects in Search and Selection sets and then to report on any of these Property values in Excel. So anyone using Excel can view project data for MTO and analysis.

DocuLink+ enables any external document to be viewed simply by linking it to a Property value attribute associated with one or several objects. This broadens the value of NavisWorks® by making available a much wider range of data which is of interest to many more people than just design engineers or project managers.

Navistools DataManager - unique interface between Navisworks models and the design data

Navistools Reporter – generate material take-off / components reports directly from Navisworks model

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