Monday, June 27, 2011

Revit Clinic Repost - Revit 2012 Project Neon Rendering Service Error Message

Revit 2012 Project Neon Rendering Service Error Message

Quick scenario for anyone who receives the following error message when attempting to render online with Project Neon for Revit 2012:
A problem occurred.  The rendering service could not complete your request.  
The following process should resolve this behavior:
1.  Sign out of Revit 2012.  Verify this also signs you out of Project Neon by attempting to click the Web Services > My Render Gallery option.
2.  Clear your web browser’s cache \ temporary internet files.  For example, here is the process for Chrome and Internet Explorer.
3.  Sign-in to Project Neon first, by attempting to Render Online:
If prompted after, you can sign back into Revit 2012.
4.  Make sure you use the same login for both Revit 2012 and Project Neon.  By logging out, clearing the browser cache, and then logging into Project Neon first it should resolve the message.
If this does not resolve the issue please let us know!

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