Thursday, September 20, 2012

BIM Wash

I can across this blog posting from the BIM Thinkspace blog about BIM Wash.

Episode 16: Understanding BIM Wash

BIM Wash[1] is a term describing the inflated – and sometimes deceptive – claim of using or delivering Building Information Modelling products or services. An organization which commits BIM Wash is typically engaged in promoting its unwarranted claims of BIM capability through its staff, website, project submissions and/or marketing material. Like Green Wash before it, BIM Wash is on the rise in markets with value attributed to BIM tools and workflows, and where clients are increasingly requiring models to be part of project submittals.

Some of the BIM Wash (BIMwash, as a newly coined single term) activity can be attributed to the confusion surrounding the BIM term itself; unintentional and even harmless to a degree. Other activities, however, are more intentionally deceptive. This is certainly true for the many attempts to sell BIM services which have not been developed yet, or fall far short of clients’ expectations.
BIMwash is not only problematic for clients who engage service providers (architects, engineers, contractors,…) falsely posing as BIM experts, it is also problematic for the service providers themselves. By muddying the waters, BIMwashers can cause significant grief to those who have invested a lot of time, money and effort in developing their true BIM capabilities and in honing their BIM deliverables.

Why is the truth so funny.

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