Saturday, January 5, 2013

Revit Server - Managing from a Mobile Device

At work, we have been using Revit Server since Revit 2011 and it has worked out rather well. We have multiple offices scattered across the US and the majority of our projects utilize staff from multiple offices. Revit Server has made that worksharing process much less painless.

The major drawback though for staff that manage the BIM projects is that Revit Server can require more management than your standard worksharing Central file setup. This management is done thru the Revit Server Administrator webpage. The way Autodesk has created the Revit Server Administrator webpage, you can't use it on mobile devices like the iPad.

Rob Howarth has written a method that allows you to access the Revit Server Administrator console via HTML and Javascript which can be used on mobile devices. For more information click here.

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