Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Network Deployments - Include Additional Software

If you are working with Revit then you at some point must have dealt with the issues of installing these add-ons. For the Revit 2014 releases, I decided to incorporate the installation of several add-ons such as:

  • DB Link
  • Model Review
  • Batch Print
  • Worksharing Monitor
  • Revit Extensions
The documentation on how to incorporate this information into the network deployment is a little weak. I initially went down the road of determining how to create silent installs for each of these add-ons, but I was was over thinking it.

As you are creating your network deployment, you will notice that one of the sections is to "Include additional software" (see below).

This allows you to add additional .msi and .exe software to your deployment. If you adding the Autodesk Revit add-ons (with the exception of Revit Extensions), you just need to click the "Add..." button and select the add-on. You do not need to specify any Command Line Parameters.

For Revit extensions, you first need to extract the install package from the executable zip file that you downloaded from the subscription site. If you accept the defaults, the files will be extracted to C:\Autodesk\REX_2014_dlm\. Back in your network deployment, Include additional software, you want to add either the REX_x64.msi (64-bit) or REX_x86.msi (32-bit) depending on the Revit deployment you are creating. You do not need to add and Command Line parameters.

When you are done adding your additional software to include in your deployment, you can close the "Include additional software" and complete your network deployment. As your network deployment is being created, the add-ons that you have selected will be copied from the location you selected to the ...\Img\ADDONS\ folder of the network deployment. Once the network deployment has finished copying all the files, hold off on performing a test installation.

The Revit Extension addon only copied over the .msi file of the installation.We need to copy over the rest of the required installation folders from C:\Autodesk\REX_2014_dlm\REX\ to ...\Img\ADDONS\ADDON_REX_X64_0\

Your ...\Img\ADDONS\ADDON_REX_X64_0\ directory should now look as follows

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Anonymous said...

Especially on the part "Revit Extensions" you will not find any good description how to deploy it. I ve read several "guides" and practice some combining methods but this article was very helpfull to me. thnx a lot.

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