Thursday, August 29, 2013

Autodesk Mockup 360

Autodesk Mockup 360 Trial Now Available

Autodesk Mockup 360
Autodesk Mockup 360 provides a simple way to pull together large scale project data from many CAD sources in a real-time cloud based collaboration and visualization tool. You can share among teams as well as look for interferences aka clashes of objects in the design before the project is built saving time and money.
One of the strongest points of Autodesk Mockup 360 is the ability to visualize a large entire factory layout in mockup pulled from many CAD sources, but still have the detail to inspect individual parts within a complex assembly in that factory.
More benefits to Autodesk Mockup 360
  • Ease of getting started and using Mockup 360
  • Ability to share and bring anyone into a Mockup
  • Work together simultaneously with many users and see changes in real time (we used this the other day in our team meeting where 6 people were logged in simultaneously and assembling a mockup from a training data set). 
  • Aggregation of data from virtually any CAD source into a single mockup (SolidWorks, Pro/E, Catia, Inventor, STEP, *.ipt, *.iam, *.prt, *.stp, *, igs, *.sldprt,*.dwf,*.dwfx, *.jt, *.nwd  and many more.)
You can download and use mockup 360 free for 90 days by going to

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