Monday, September 2, 2013

Revit MEP - Electrical - Process

An interesting question came to me this morning from a using that is transitioning from AutoCAD to Revit MEP. He wanted to know where to begin and how to create an Electrical system.

When I training, I like to focus on the Process, how Revit works rather than just teaching what the buttons do (Misspelled WordButtonology). You can know what all the buttons do, but if you don't understand the Revit MEP BIM process and you continue to work like you would using AutoCAD, it is going to be difficult at best to be successful.

These are my process steps for getting started using Revit MEP for Electrical:

  1. Develop a communication plan with the other design disciplines, especially the Architects. There needs to be solid and consistent communication about what is going on with the design and the model. You don't want to be spending time designing if the Architect plans on changing things. This is the most important item on the list!
  2. Place your electrical equipment in the model.
  3. Define the Distribution Systems in the properties of the electrical equipment.
  4. Place your electrical devices or lighting fixtures, keeping in mind that each device such as a switch or receptacle places an electrical load on the system.
  5. Select the lighting fixtures or devices and create a power circuit for it and the other dives for that room or area of the building.
  6. Assign circuits to the electrical equipment.

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