Thursday, September 5, 2013

Revit MEP - HVAC - Process

​In my last post, I discussed the "process" I use to for creating Electrical models in Revit MEP. That in turn resulted in a lot of emails about HVAC, Piping and more Electrical questions. So I will start with defining the HVAC process I utilize. Keep in mind, every project is different and project deliverables and staffing requirements need to be accounted for when establishing a workplan for specific projects. This is a general process overview.

These are my process steps for getting started using Revit MEP for Electrical:
  1. Develop a communication plan with the other design disciplines, especially the Architects. There needs to be solid and consistent communication about what is going on with the design and the model. You don't want to be spending time designing if the Architect plans on changing things. This is the most important item on the list!
  2. Add Mechanical equipment and air terminals to the model.
  3. Create the air systems (supply / return / exhaust).
  4. Create ductwork.
  5. Modify air systems as needed.

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