Thursday, January 2, 2014

Repost: Beyond Design - BIM 360 Glue – Easy, Accessible Reviews for the Extended Project Team

From Beyond Design

BIM 360 Glue – Easy, Accessible Reviews for the Extended Project Team

Today sees the launch of the BIM 360 Glue Reviewer role, which provides simplified web and mobile access for everyone on the project team to participate in connected project review workflows.
With the addition of the Reviewer role, BIM 360 Glue project admins can invite project stakeholders and occasional users not experienced with BIM to participate in collaborative project review workflows anytime, anywhere. And reviewers like owners or project executives with no hands-on BIM experience can easily go directly to a specific model view. The reviewer is not exposed to the coordination environment and can't get confused by multiple versions of the model.
So, how does this work? The Reviewer role provides an easy way for the project admin to provide the appropriate level of controlled access and the right information to the right person at the right time.
Once a BIM 360 Glue administrator adds Reviewers to the project, other project members can share project views and markups with any Reviewer on the team. The Reviewer receives an email notification with a "one click to BIM" link that goes directly to the specific view shared with them.    The reviewer's inbox maintains a list of all shared views and markups, so they can go back any time to review what was previously shared.
Reviewer Inbox in BIM 360 Glue web client
The latest BIM 360 Glue iPad app, available today on the App Store, now supports the new Reviewer role, including round-trip collaboration. Upon opening a notification via email on the iPad- or from the Apple Notification Center - the Reviewer has the "one click to BIM" experience to go directly to the message and specific view or markup. Reviewers can add markups and send notifications to other team members on the BIM 360 project team, providing a simple collaborative workflow for the extended project team.
Reviewer Message in BIM 360 Glue iPad app
Making BIM accessible to everyone on the team has never been easier. You can try it out today – sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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