Monday, April 28, 2014

Transfer Filters from one project to another

Since I have not been posting a lot of original content recently, I thought I would post some of the questions I get a work.

Question: "How do I transfer Filter settings from one project to another?" Below is an example of some Filters that a team might want to transfer from one project to another.

Answer: If you want to just transfer the project filters from one project to another, you can use the 'Transfer Project Standards" button that can be found in the Manage tab in the Settings panel.

This will allow you can transfer the Filter, but it only transfers the object selection criteria. The individual view settings, don't get transferred.

To transfer the object selection criteria and the view settings, you need to create view templates that contain your filters as well as the override settings. You can then transfer view templates from one project to another and apply the view templates to the views.

If you are always using the same filter settings in specific views, then creating those filters and view templates in your project template(s) will save time and energy down the road.

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