Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's New in Clarity for Revit Server 2015

Some of you might have already noticed that Clarity 2015 for Revit Server has been installed.

What's New in the 2015 Release
The 2015 version is targeted for firms looking to improve efficiency, provide easier model exchanges with partners, and improved usability with additional fit and finish features based on your input/feedback.

Some notable features in this release include:
·         Integration with Autodesk BIM 360 Glue
·         New User Interface With Improved Usability
·         Added Support for Model Exchange Workflows (Publish and Update Models)
·         New Tasks and Introducing Task Actions, Provide More Time Savings and Control Options
Detailed List:
·               Updated Look (Clean, Fast, Visual)
·               Support for Revit and Revit Server 2013, 2014 & 2015
·               Addition of Feedback Option
·               Addition of New “Project Cards” View for Projects
·               Project: Combined former “More” tab of files to Project Home
·               New Task Addition: Actions > Post Action
o        Run Script File
o        Move/Copy Files
o        Post to FTP
·               Task Addition: Custom IFC Exporter
·               Task Addition: Publish Model
·               Task Addition: Update Model (from Disk or FTP)
·               Task Addition: Target Filter Controls
·               Task Addition: View/Sheet Set Display Available
·               Task Addition: Publish to Autodesk BIM 360 Glue
·               Task Adjustment: DB Export Support for New Revision to Sheet
·               Task Adjustment: Error On Missing Links (Yes/No)
·               Task Server: Now Shows Version of Revit it Supports
·               Task Server: All Tasks Performable on Remote Servers
·               Task Server: Now Supports Multiple Central Hosts
·               Task Server: Remote Ping-based Claiming (Reduce Model Pull Time)
·               Task Server: Project Setting for Preferred Task Servers
·               Users: New Filter To Find Users (Global)
·               Users: Sortable Grid
·               Users: Addition of Disabled Users to Grid Sorting
·               Users: Support for Setting Users Expiration on Creation
·               Users: Coordinator Can Now Manage Artifact Files
·               Reports: Custom Sorting/Filtering Now Maintained on Export
·               Reports: Sorting Move Up/Down Selected Columns on Create/Edit
·               Revit Add-In: Launch Project Tasks Inside of Revit
·               Revit Add-In: Un-Set Accelerator (Revit Server Tool)
·               Revit Add-In: Option to send in the journal file right now.
·               Data Sheets: Backup Sheet on Delete
·               Data Sheets: Now Supports Side-by-Side Item Tables
·               Data Sheets: Family Images Now Included
·               Web Editing: Copy Data to Different Type
·               Web Editing: Image Selection “Detail View’ Option

For those of you that are responsible for updating team member models on Revit Server, one features that you will be interested in is the “Update Revit File From Disk” task. This task allows replace the file on Revit Server with a newer version of the same file with a Clarity Task. The old process required you to:
  • ·         Download models
  • ·         Log into Clarity
  • ·         Open the project
  • ·         Backup the Project
  • ·         Edit the Project
  • ·         Delete a file
  • ·         Close Clarity
  • ·         Open Revit
  • ·         Save file to Revit Server

The new process is very simple:
  • ·         Download model
  • ·         Log into Clarity
  • ·         Open the Project
  • ·         Run the Task to Update Revit File From Disk

The Task functionality also provides the ability to automatically re-path links and strip views and sheets from the model as well.

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