Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3D Room Names with Dynamo

I have been working with a couple of clients that have requested that Room / Space names are visible in 360 Glue and Navisworks. The primary reason being easy identification of rooms and spaces. This will ultimately be expanded to zones as well.

The way that I have accomplished this (with the assistance of Daniel Hurtubise of Revitit!) is to use Dynamo to create 3D Text for the Room Names.

3D Room Text in Revit

3D Room Text in Glue

First a disclaimer. By no means am I a Dynamo expert, not even sure I meet the standard to be a Dynamo novice. There are some really good blogs and instruction material on Dynamo and having a really smart friend like Daniel is a huge help as well.

The process to create the 3D Room Names is fairly straightforward. First you need to have Dynamo installed on your workstation. Second download the support files which consists of a Revit family and the Dynamo code.

The Revit family needs to be loaded into your project file that you want to generate the 3D Room Text. Open Dynamo and open the 3D Room Name.dyn file. Before running the code against the model, make sure that you add the LunchBox for Dynamo package into the project. This needs to be added in order for the code to run.

You can then run the code to generate the 3D Room Text.

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