Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Autodesk Revit Model Review - Duplicate Element Check

In my last Model Checking post, I covered using the CADD Microsystems Revit Model Checker to search for duplicate elements. Autodesk has their own Model Checker which can be downloaded from the app store. It seemed to disappear for awhile (maybe I wasn't looking hard enough), but it's back for 2016 and I hope Autodesk puts the previous versions back up.

I really like the Autodesk tool. It's simple, yet provides a great deal of flexibility for checking models. Within a couple hours, you can create an entire checkset for a project. The Model Review also has a API that allows you to create custom checks.

The only disappointment that I have with the product is related to workset checking. There is not a way to check for specific worksets easily, due to the way Revit stores workset values. I'll cover this in a future post.

I'm going to walk thru the process of creating a rule in Autodesk's Revit Model Checker for checking for duplicate elements. The Autodesk Revit Model Checker can be download from the Autodesk App Exchange.
  1. In Revit, from the Add-Ins tab, select the Manage button in the Model Checker pane (Figure 1). This will open the Autodesk Revit Model Review dialog, where you can create and edit check files.
  2. From the Check pulldown menu select Add > Cleanup > Duplicate Elements.
    This is a pre-configured rule, so we do not need to make any additional changes. We could however we could go to the Details tab and make some adjustments to the elements Rotation into account and overlapping phases.
  3. Save the check and then run the results.
This is a really simple example, but very powerful tool.

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