Monday, October 26, 2015

Process Overview Using Autodesk Revit Model Checker Version 4.0

So you downloaded the Revit Model Checker from CADD Microsystems, now what?

Revit Model Checker Addin in Revit
First, a little background. Out-of-the-box, the CADD Microsystems Revit Model Checker provides a quick way to check certain areas of the model for non-complaince. As with the previous versions created by Autodesk, the model checker can't check everything and any model checking still requires the interaction of users.

The first step in using the Revit Model Checker is to Configure the system. Every model and project may have different requirements and therefore require a different configuration. Prior to running a check it is necessary to to Configure the system.

Revit Model Checker Configuration Dialog

The second step is to Run Check. This is the processes when the configuration settings are used to check the models. You can check the active model or select a series of files to run as a batch. The results of the checks are then passed to a report.

Revit Model Checker Run Check Dialog

The third step is to View Last Report.

Revit Model Checker Sample Report

When you install the Revit Model it comes with several sample rule sets to check your models against. In later posts, we will cover how to edit and create new rules to check your models against.
Revit Model Checker Sample Rules

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